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Watkins & Co. Landscape Contracting is one of the top landscapers in Charlottesville

We offer a wide range of services with personalized programs for your property to ensure you years of enjoyment in outdoor environment. Our Services include Landscape Architecture , Planting, Landscape Construction, Lawns, Sod, & Turf Renovation, and Contract Maintenance. We also specialize in meadow seeding with native grasses, riparian buffer planting, land use compliance consultation and wildlife habitat restoration.

Installation Services


We install plants! – from small plug-sized perennials to 6” caliper, 25’ trees and everything in between. The industry has been trending toward using more native plants, which are both beautiful and beneficial to the environment. We have excellent sources for reliably healthy, handsome plants. Experience has taught us the importance of having a quality growing environment, so we prepare beds with compost and organic fertilizer to make the soil vital and well-drained. 

When we plant trees, we invest the time required to plant them correctly.  Locating and exposing the root collar on a tree is critical, and our crews have been trained to do it correctly. We remove the entire wire basket on a tree to eliminate interference with the root development as the tree grows.

Landscape Construction​

We build landscapes! Walks, walls, patios, pergolas, lighting – we have the team to build it properly. We also have relationships with subcontractors for stonework, carpentry, electrical and plumbing.

New Lawns from Seed or Sod​

A brand new lawn from seed or sod is a fun project, and one of our specialties. New lawns, like new shrub beds, depend on good soil beneath. Before we seed or sod, we ‘rip’ the soil down 15-18”, till in compost, and then rake the soil smooth by hand to remove rocks and debris.  We use Blue-Tag seed and Certified sod to ensure a successful lawn project. The result is a healthy lawn built on a thick root system.   

If you want an irrigation system for your lawn, we can recommend a contractor to install it.

Maintenance Services

Hand Pruning​

Winter is an excellent time to prune shrubs and small trees – while the structure is visible. Proper pruning improves the strength and appearance of woody plants. It is an essential part of a healthy landscape.

Spring Cleanups​

The garden needs a push in early spring – cleaning out the old leaves and winter debris, cutting back the dormant tops of perennials, putting a crisp edge on the beds, applications of organic fertilizer, a pre-emergent safe for ornamental plants, and a fresh layer of mulch to maintain it at a proper depth – but not too much!

Regular Garden Maintenance​

We can help keep the garden in peak condition throughout the year:  weeding, deadheading, light pruning, are all part of the process that occurs throughout the growing season.

Annuals for Seasonal Color​

If your garden starts to lose its color and turn green as summer approaches, we can liven it up with annuals! Annuals have an amazing array of sizes and colors and are easy to care for.

Plant Health Care​

Even the toughest plants sometimes need some help fighting off bugs and disease. We have people who are knowledgeable and experienced in diagnosing and treating unwanted pests in the garden – using the newest, low-toxicity materials.

Turf Management

Keeping a lawn thick, vigorous and weed-free is vital. We love lawns! But they don’t take care of themselves. We employ a variety of tools – soil testing, pH management, proper mowing, recycling of grass clippings, seasonal fertility, and weed management, to keep your lawn looking its best – with an emphasis on minimizing chemical use. We have year-round programs to make sure that the turf gets what it needs at the right time.

Turf Renovation

After a long hot summer, most lawns have lost their spring lustre. Fall renovation is an essential component of turf management. The key elements of Core Aeration and Overseeding will relieve the compaction of clay soils, restore your lawn’s vigor, and prepare it for the next year’s spring glory.


Mowing looks easy, but it requires a great deal of skill. Our staff practice proper mowing –  varying the mowing pattern from week to week; keeping the turf long to discourage weeds, and letting the clippings fall back into the turf – to give your lawn a sharp, well-maintained appearance that’s also healthy.

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